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Advice - Planning - Preparation

Advice - Planning - Preparation

The Office is open on Saturdays  starting Nov 1, 2014.

Please contact me via phone, fax, or email for year 'round service.

The office reopens fulltime  on January 2, 2015.

Office Hours - Saturday 9:00AM -3:00PM or by appointment.

Minnesota Revenue processes your direct debit on April 15 in most cases. These take a few days to clear your account.

There are tax efficient ways to achieve your financial goals. Tell me what your goals are and I can assist you in achieving those goals in a tax efficient manner. If you don't have any goals, maybe I can help you establish some.

*IRS and Todd's Tax Service do not guarantee any date with respect to when you will receive your refunds.

Todd Fogelberg, Enrolled Agent Licensed to Practice Before the IRS  EA # 59176 (1995)

Serving Clients in East Central Minnesota and Western Wisconsin
Pine City, Hinckley, Rush City, Sandstone, Mora, Grantsburg

165 5th St SE
Pine City, MN   55063
(320) 629-4745

(612) 242-5713
FAX (516) 941-0225 (Secure email fax)




Complimentary Services Now Available during regular business hours -

Hi Speed Internet Stations - Notary Services - Fax Services - Shred It Document Destruction




I have completed all property tax returns and notified the qualifying clients of their refund amount. If you were expecting a refund and have not heard from me, please send me an email or give me a call. Please make a note of your actual refund amount and keep it with your 2014 tax information. Refund amounts may increase due to legislation passed after we filed your return. Todd 5-21-14

All property tax returns will be completed by June 30th, and you will be notified of your exact refund amount. In most cases refunds will be direct deposited to your bank account. If you do not hear from me by June 30th and are expecting a Minnesota property tax refund, please contact me via email or phone after June 30th. There is no additional fee for this service. We obtain your property tax info online so there is no need for you to send us a copy of your property tax statement.

Scam Alert
The IRS NEVER contacts taxypayers by phone or email. Hang up on anyone proclaiming to be from the IRS.

Do not answer any questions or discuss your tax or financial situation with anyone not known to you.

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