New legislation (which is requiring the IRS to take additional steps to reduce refund fraud) will impact early filers in Tax Season 2017. Prepare now for later refunds in 2017. Clients who receive the EIC and child tax credits could be impacted. We don't know the extent of the impact but it may affect many clients. Also, we don't know how it will impact the state refund cycle. Current information is that refunds which include the EIC or additional child tax credit may not be issued until after Feb 15th. Plan ahead to ease the burden these delays could potentially cause.

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We will be partnering with EPS Financial during Tax Season 2017 to offer a small refund advance for clients who need cash quickly. Advances will be subject to approval by EPS Financial and for $500, $800, or $1200 if approved. Tax prep fees will be withheld from the refund when it is issued. A Refund Transfer Fee of $35 (EPS) and a processing fee $39 (Todd's Tax Service LLC) will apply. (Total additional charge $74). The refund advance (and actual refunds) can be loaded on a VISA card, issued by check, or direct deposited into your bank account.

Property tax returns have been completed and efiled for all clients. Refunds will be coming out soon. Please contact me if you haven't been notified of your refund amount and were expecting one.

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