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M1PR FAQ MN Property Tax

Am I eligible for a property tax refund on my principal residence?  We automatically check this for all clients. All M1PRs are efiled, and a copy sent to you upon completion. Your fee includes
this form.

What types of income are included in the "household income" calculation for this credit?
For this credit, income includes federal adjusted gross income plus all non-taxable income
received by the household. Child support, however, is not included in income.

When are refunds issued?  Refund dates are approximate - August for renters.  Late September/  Early October for homeowners.

When is the M1PR form due?  August 15. (There is a 1 year grace period)

How will the elimination of the "Homestead credit" affect my property tax bill?  The Minnesota legislature eliminated the homestead credit during it's last legislative session. The homestead credit appeared as a credit on your property tax bill. County government may or may not adjust the tax bill to offset the loss of the credit. The loss of the homestead credit is unrelated to Minnesota's property tax refund system.
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