Available slots don't guarantee availability. All appointments subject to confirmation. Once your appointment is confirmed, it is guaranteed. Depending on how backed up we are, appointment requests may not be able to be honored. 

New clients see "New Client Info" page.


Appointments - No in office appointments for the remainder of the 2020 tax season

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Click on "login" to login using your user name and password sent with our postcard. Click on profile and then "details" to see recommended appointment length and find out if you should drop off your tax info first. Click on "Make Appointment" to schedule a new appointment.

>New clients only- Please bring in a copy of your 2019 tax return. Write in the SSN and birth date  for each dependent.

> Shorten your time in the office (especially if you have a complex return) by dropping off your tax information prior to your appointment. Use our checklist to get ready for your appointment. Just ask and we'll be happy to email or mail you a checklist.

>Our evening appointments at 6:00 PM and 7:15 PM are available M-F after regular office hours. If necessary, I will work around your schedule to accommodate your needs. 

>Tax Season Office Hours M-F 8:30-7:00  Sat 9-3. 

>We are available for service year round, however our office hours are limited after tax season.
Office Hours are by appointment only from Apr 16 -Jan 15.

Please bring your receipts, tax documents, and other information to your appointment. We will review and scan your information to insure your return is prepared accurately and results in the lowest possible tax liability allowed by the law. We can't be responsible for items that you do not bring with you to your appointment or fail to include with your information when you drop it off at our office. For example, if you use your car or truck in your business and do not include a mileage log (summary at a minimum), no deduction will be allowed. If you contribute to charity but fail to provide us with your receipts, no deduction will be allowed. (These are just 2 examples).

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Todd's Tax Service LLC