Our guarantee to you - "if I make an error in the preparation of your tax return, I will prepare an amended return at no additional charge". My liability for errors is limited to the amount paid for tax preparation services. In the event of an audit or inquiry by the IRS, I will represent you at no additional charge. As an Enrolled Agent, I can take Power of Attorney and represent you before the IRS or state tax authorities, often eliminating the need for you to appear personally. Tax preparation fees are non-refundable for any reason.

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Property Tax Filers Only (Not Required to file a tax return)

Only Income From Social Security - Fee = $35
Social Security + Other income up to $5,000 = Fee = $45
Social Security +  Other income in excess of $5,000 - Fee = $65

All M1PRs (Property tax return) are electronically filed with the direct deposit option recommended. (You will receive your refund faster than if you mail in the return or request a paper check.)

These fees do not apply if you are required to file a Federal Tax Return.

Tax Return Pricing  FULL SERVICE PROFESSIONAL TAX PREPARATION WITH NO HIDDEN CHARGES. We do not offer refund loans, however, we can print your federal and/or state refund check in our office as soon as the IRS/state issues your refund. Fee through EPS Financial is $27 for Federal Check and $10 for State Check. If you have a bank account, we can direct deposit your refunds and debit our fee for no additional charge. EPS also offers a free "Prepaid VISA Card" as a way to get your refunds.

Unbanked? In addition to the option to pick up refund checks in our office, you will have the option to have your refunds loaded onto a prepaid VISA Debit card. See the "Unbanked" Page for a EPS fee schedule of the fees that apply to the card. There is no charge to "load" your refunds onto the EPS prepaid VISA card.