I personally sit down with almost all of my clients every tax season. This provides you with an opportunity to ask questions and learn how to improve your tax and financial situation. Many of my competitors prefer to delegate this job to a receptionist or office assistant who collects your signatures and money but offers little in the way of explanation of your return or advice on things that you should be doing differently. I always make time for clients who need extra help after tax season with anything ranging from audit assistance to figuring out how to retire.


Todd's Tax Service LLC

Due to the unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, I am not accepting any new clients for the remainder of the 2020 tax season. 
I welcome new individual tax clients.  Stop by the office and bring with you a copy of your 2018 return and your 2019 tax documents.  All information is kept strictly confidential. Questions are designed to assist me in quoting you a fee, an appropriate "settlement option" etc. I do not give out fee quotes over the phone or via email.

I do cutoff acceptance of new clients near the end of the filing season as I reach capacity. Please come in before April 10th to insure good service. 

I no longer accept new clients with business or farm activity.

Todd's Tax Service LLC

Want to go 100% Paperless? Simply indicate your preference in the new client info form so we can work 100% digitally with you (no paper).