2017 and Beyond

Health Care Update March 25, 2017

Republican controlled federal government has failed to follow through on their promise to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. The health care mess will continue until further notice.

Health Care Update July 20, 2017

Let's review President Trump's campaign pledge on healthcare...

No one will lose coverage. There will be insurance for everybody. Healthcare will be a “lot less expensive” for everyone — the government, consumers, providers.

It definitely sounded good during the campaign. The prospects for meaningful healthcare reform grow dimmer and dimmer with each passing day. And based upon what we have witnessed thus far in Washington as the Republican controlled Congress and White House grapple with health care, we can only wonder what tax reform (their next big agenda item) will look like.

The entire healthcare system hangs in the balance as our elected officials battle out their next moves.

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Trump is unlikely to change the basic structure of our tax system or economy. Don't let all the talk distract you from implementing basic tax planning into your finances. Saving for retirement will still be good and tax advantaged. Excess debt will still be problematic. Spending more than you earn will still be a recipe for disaster (true for the U.S. Government too).

Stay tuned for updates on known changes to the system and ACA (Affordable Care Act). It is much too early to know exactly what changes are coming. Major changes may be in store for our tax system. Some folks are likely to benefit while others may be surprised at a higher tax bill at the end of the year. Changes are likely to affect your 2017 tax situation and beyond (not 2016).

No one knows at this point how this is going to play out. When Trump heard that his changes could hurt the middle class, he said he didn't want to see that happen. Let's cross our fingers.

Here is a list of some of the changes being floated by the Republicans as we approach Trump's inauguration...all of this is speculative at this point.

Increase the standard deduction (and reduce the types of itemized deductions).

Reduce the number of individual tax brackets and tax rates.

Eliminate the personal exemption.

Eliminate the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax).

Reduce the corporate tax rate.

Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Eliminate the investment surtax.

There are potentially bigger changes being discussed that have less likelihood of being implemented into law. Nonetheless, folks need to know that radical proposals afloat include elimination of the depreciation deduction, elimination of the deduction for interest paid on commercial property, elimination of mortgage interest on big homes, etc. (See WSJ article

Dec 28, 2016). I would advise caution on any new real estate deals until the tax code is