Todd's Tax Service LLC

Appointments - Now scheduling in office appointments when requested.

Must submit info prior to appointment date

Todd's Tax Service LLC

In office appointments (when requested) are set for 30 minutes allowing time to review and sign your returns and answer any questions that you may have.

Please start your returns by clicking on the "pre check" page and giving me some preliminary information. In office tax appointments are no longer necessary to complete your tax returns. You may sign online, sign paper forms that we mail to you, or sign at our front desk. Indicate that you would like a "sit down" appointment when you fill out the "pre check" information. After I receive your information and complete your returns, I'll send you a link to my appointment site with your user name and password which will allow you to schedule an in office appointment.

>New clients only- please include a copy of your 2020 tax return with your information when you submit it to me.

  I can no longer accept new clients who do not have a copy of their prior filed return.

>We are available for service year round, however our office hours are limited after tax season.