The Covid 19 Pandemic resulted in a backlog at the IRS. We anticipate things returning to normal for tax season 2023...however...there is the potential for a delay in processing returns and issuing refunds. No estimates can be given with regard to when refunds will be issued due to this situation.

Where the heck is my money!

The PATH Act will delay many IRS refunds in 2023 - any return that includes Earned Income Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit will be affected. Federal Refunds may not be issued until after Feb 15 2023. PLEASE DO NOT CALL OR CONTACT OUR OFFICE REGARDING THESE REFUNDS as there is NOTHING we can do to speed them up. Use the links below to monitor your refund status. If you receive a notice or other indication that there is a problem, then contact us for help at no additional charge. A separate fee will apply ($29) to anyone who calls our office regarding refund status and has not received a notice or message online indicating that there is a problem. Thank you for your understanding.

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Check on Refunds

Check on your Refund Status
(Have your refund amount handy)

IRS Refund Link

Minnesota Refund Link

Wisconsin Refund Link

Check on Status of an Amended Tax Return - Link to IRS Site

(Amended returns can take a long time for IRS to process - please be patient.)

Send me a contact or email if you have not received the confirmation email of acceptance of your return, otherwise check your bank periodically for refund to be posted. Thank you in advance for your patience.
The IRS no longer issues a "Refund Cycle Chart". We anticipate a wide variation in how long it takes taxpayers to receive refunds, consequently, we will not be giving anyone an estimate on when they might receive their refund.