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Recommendations of Tax Professionals

Todd's Tax Service LLC

Todd's Tax Service LLC

Need tax or accounting services not offered by me? Or can't get in because I am booked up? Or just need a change?

Here are some recommendations of my local and worthy competition:

Althoff and Nordquist, LLC CPA Firm

1300 Northridge Dr NW Unit 1

Pine City, MN   55063

(320) 629-6185


Jonathan M Thiel, CPA

47 North Park St

Mora, MN   55051

(320) 679-3553



H & R Block

890 Main St S

Pine City, MN   55063

(320) 629-6196


‚ÄčPine Tax & Accounting LLC

103 Fire Monument Rd

Hinckley, MN   55037

(320) 384-6946


North Branch Tax and Accounting

(Jon Moulton Accounting)

6434 Main St

North Branch, MN   55056

(651) 674-7648


All of the above offices are open year 'round. (I am semi-retired and close my office at midnight on April 15th and do not reopen until the following January).

Tips on working with a new tax preparer:

Your first question should never be "How much do you charge?".  Fees vary widely depending on the complexity of the return, the level of organization of the client, and other factors. If the fee is a very important consideration for you, provide a copy of your prior year return and a copy of the invoice for the fee you paid last year. Then inquire if you could obtain a quote before work begins. If there are major changes in your current tax situation from the prior year, be sure to note those when inquiring about fees. 

Drop off your prior year tax return and all of your current year tax information at least a week before meeting face to face with the tax preparer. This gives the preparer time to do basic data entry, inquire regarding items that might be missing, and become familiar with your tax situation.

Write down a list of questions and concerns and bring it to your meeting with your tax preparer.

When organizing your tax documents, discard empty envelopes. Don't include duplicate copies of the same document. 

Include a photo copy of your Driver's license and a blank voided check.

Include copies of social security cards and birth certificates for all dependents, especially if claiming the earned income credit.

Include a copy of a basic checklist (steal mine) and fill in items like cell phone numbers, email addresses, filing preferences etc.