We cannot send copies of tax returns or other documents via email.

$15 Charge for copy uploaded via secure portal. You (or the third party) will receive an email with a link to the secure portal.

Misplaced your file copy? Or need 1 sent to a third party?

The electronic copy will come in PDF format and ask for a password to open.

(We will provide you with the password.) 

The file contains private information including invoice, notes, and depreciation schedules in addition to the official IRS forms. Keep this in mind when requesting that a copy be sent to a 3rd party.

Click on the "Payment" page to pay the $25 fee for paper copies. Fee must be paid before we can mail the return.

Todd's Tax Service LLC

Please use this form to request a copy of your return. Click on the "Payment" Page to pay for the copy before we send it. All clients received a full paper copy of their return during the tax season.

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Feel free to call and speak with me or leave a voicemail verifying your request.

3rd Parties will also receive a link to the secure portal from which they can download the return. Warning: 3rd parties will get ALL of the information contained in your file.*