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Financial Planner?

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Do you need a financial planner?

Complicated financial plans that often come at a big price are not worth the time or money for the average client that I see in my office. They are often pushed by brokers who are simply looking for a way to either make additional money by charging you for the plan or by selling you products that support their plan's recommendations.

What is the best way to manage my personal finances?

Utilize the professionals already in your life to review and improve the following aspects of your financial world, and you can do the same things a good financial plan would accomplish, without incurring a new set of fees. Keep the financial planning process simple, complicated financial plans with numerous projections and charts often confuse folks and end up on a shelf somewhere never to see the light of day.

Meet with your insurance agent and review your insurance. Be skeptical of agents pushing annuities or complicated insurance products. (Most people don't need either to manage their tax burden). In other words, if the agent tells you that you need the product to protect yourself from high taxes, you should probably run out the door! 

Ask your tax preparer what things you can do to improve your tax situation. Ask for information about taxes that might apply in retirement or at death. 

Utilize the resources at your disposal at your investment firm to review your investments and make appropriate changes.

And review your estate plan with your attorney to make sure it is up to date.

I can assist you (included with tax prep fee) in reviewing your budget and accounts to help make sure you stay on track with regard to your retirement objectives. Include your information with your tax information at tax time, and this service will be completed at no additional charge*.

* An office visit fee will apply after tax season or if you require a 2nd appointment during tax season to review your plans.