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One of the most common questions I get as a tax advisor relates to the topic of choosing a financial advisor. In a world where most "advisors" are commission based sales people, this turns out to be a "loaded question".

Who can we recommend in good faith? The answer is limited.

Vanguard Investments has recently expanded their array of services to now include a low cost service called "Vanguard Personal Advisor Services".

This low cost alternative to high cost, high pressure sales people might just be your ticket to personalized investment help and advice. At .3% of assets under management ($50,000 minimum), this is a rock bottom cost option that includes personalized advice on topics such as mutual fund selection and how to achieve your personal financial goals.

As your tax advisor, we can assist you with interpreting the tax jargon and help you position your assets in a tax efficient manner across the different types of investment accounts.

If you are shopping for a financial advisor, we encourage you to visit Vanguard online or call one of their representatives for more information.

Todd's Tax Service LLC and Todd Fogelberg do not provide investment advice. We can answer questions about your tax situation and help point you in the direction of achieving your financial goals without crossing that line.

Todd's Tax Service LLC

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