Don't screw this up.

The flip side of my "Boomer Retirement Plan" and other advice is reflected in the following not so pretty outcomes for those in their 60's or beyond...

1.    Reaching retirement with absolutely no savings or investments.

2.    Reaching retirement with more debt than you bargained for.

3.    Reaching retirement with a bunch of investments you don't understand.

4.    Turning 65 or 66 with absolutely no plan. (Clueless)

5.    Reaching retirement and marrying a gold digger who has fewer pennies than a pan handler.

6.    Failing to do any tax planning around retirement assets and tax efficient distribution.

7.    Packing up and moving to a strange place with no idea of where you are moving.

8.    Living in fear. There is a segment of the retiree population that lives with a "great depression"         mentality. This group has spent a lifetime pinching pennies and saving, often amassing a                 sizeable nest egg. They find it very difficult to reverse course and begin spending their money         on anything. Upon death, the lawyers, the tax collectors and heirs will ultimately allocate                 their lifetime of savings.

Todd's Tax Service LLC

Todd's Tax Service LLC