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The first step in solving many tax problems is to get caught up in filing back tax returns. I can assist you in preparing and filing back tax returns with the IRS and state tax authorities. My preparation fee will often be much lower than that charged by the big tax resolution firms. 

I will require that my preparation fee be paid up front when preparing back tax returns.

A free consultation is available to determine which years need to be filed and what the cost of  preparation will be.

Do you have unpaid taxes, liens against your property, levy against your wages , or other serious tax problems?

For these types of issues, I recommend that you contact a professional who specializes in resolution of these tax situations (debts).

Link to Gary W Lundgren, EA

Gary is a reputable Enrolled Agent from Minnesota who now works "remotely".

I recommend NOT using any tax resolution firm located outside Minnesota or Wisconsin. These firms often use aggressive marketing tactics and charge big fees up front without giving you an honest assessment of your situation.

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