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Tips for completion of 2021 Form W4:

Check the appropriate filing status.

(If you are Married, the lower income spouse should mark "Single").

Only 1 Spouse should "claim" the dependents on the W4.

Enter extra withholding on Line 4C if you want additional withholding taken out.

Note: This new withholding format may cause confusion with employers and payroll services. Monitor your paystubs carefully and get help if you notice unusual fluctuations in your federal and state withholding.

Link to Minnesota 2021 W4 - Minnesota now requires a separate form from the IRS W4.

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It is not necessary to file a new W4 with your employer unless you wish to make a change.

See link below for a copy of the new form.

Link to New IRS Form W4 for 2021(Withholding for payroll via your employer)

W4 info for 2021